Alfaparf Milano Evolution Of The Color Cube Permanent Hair COLOR


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Alfaparf Milano’s Evolution Of The Color provides saturated, genuine hues while staying gentle to hair and scalp wellness. Packed with innovative technologies and being the first hair color to feature hyaluronic acid, this PPD-free formula provides ultimate color pay-off and promotes a naturally shiny look.

This formula’s deep-penetrating crystallized micro-pigments avoid oxidation during mixing, which allows them to coat the hair fibers in larger quantities. The hyaluronic acid ensures ultra-strong adherence and moisture retention, ultimately leading to richly colored—but soft and manageable—locks.


  • Exceptional coverage and colour longevity
  • Lifting power, up to 3 levels
  • Low Ammonia percentage(max. 1% during application)
  • Total scalp care. No PPD, for an even less sensitizing formula
  • Unique and extraordinary hair condition and shine


Alfaparf Evolution of the Color offers unmatched and pioneering performance in professional colour services: perfect 3D effect colour and hair. 110 Shades of Perfection. Absolute innovation: the first colour product to use hyaluronic acid.

Featuring 3D Technology for guaranteed perfect results, the Multi Lamellar Vehicle technology allows pigments to penetrate deeply whilst protecting their integrity for unparalleled colour longevity and soft, easy to detangle hair.

Hyaluronic Acid creates a protective film around the hair in order to maintain ideal hydration resulting in excellent colour coverage and strong, resistant hair. Also features Hyper Intense Colour System Crystallized Micropigments to allow better concentration of pigment into the hair for an extraordinary colour intensity and extreme shine.

Directions for Use

Mixing Ratio:ratio 1:1.5 (60g of Evolution of the Color + 90 ml of Oxid o).

Customised Grey Hair Cover:
To get flawless cover, and acheive the desired tone value and intensity, use the natural series specifically intended for the fantasy shade you want to use:

To be used mixed with cold shades. Series: Nacré (.01); Ash (.1); Blue-Black (.11); Sand (.13); Irisé (.21);Pure Violets (.22); Matte (.7).

Natural Warm
To be used mixed with warm shades. Series: Golden (.3); Marrons Glacés (.32); Beige (.31); Tropical (.35);Copper (.4); Bronze (.45); Mahogany (.5); Chocolate (.53); Pure Reds (.6; .66I); Reds (.65).

Natural Intensive
To be used mixed with warm or cold shades when a more intense and compact colour result is desired.

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