Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter 8 Oz


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Taking it off is as important as putting it on, so keeping brushes immaculate and free of residue is every professionals most important step to a perfect makeup application. And now, keeping tools pristine while traveling, between takes, backstage, or on tour has never been easier.

Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner not only assures a pristine makeup application, free of product residue, but also prolongs the life of brushes and tools. Gently cleans and sanitizes both natural and synthetic-hair brushes, and dries quickly to reduce downtime during a makeup application. This distinctive blue liquid with the delicious vanilla fragrance may also be used to cleanse all traces of wax, liquid and powder from spatulas, palettes and metal tools and implements.

To clean makeup brushes and tools without contaminating your cleaner, start by pouring a small amount of brush cleaner into the cleansing tin. It's snug-fitting lid prevents spills during work, and it's compact profile makes it the perfect size to store empty in a makeup kit durting travel.

  • 99.99% bacteria free
  • Cleans
  • Conditions
  • Quick drying
  • Rinse-free

Kit contains:

  • Makeup Brush Cleaner 8oz
  • Cleansing Tin

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