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With FDS Intimate + Body Baby Powder Dry Feminine Deodorant Spray, our clean, classic Baby Powder spray comforts and conceals, preparing you for a day full of freshness. Each one of our sprays are made with a blend of ingredients that are safe and gentle enough to use anywhere. Get off to a fresh start and stay fresh with the only feminine spray with a time-release formula that virtually guarantees all-day freshness. Safe and gentle enough to use daily on your most sensitive areas, our moisture-activated ingredients work to neutralize odors without the use of talcum powder. And with soothing agents like vitamin E and chamomile, you can even spray your underwear, pads, and panty liners directly. We empower you to feel confident, clean, and in command by offering feminine care products specifically formulated for your unique needs. FDS developed a first-of-its kind Intimate + Body collection featuring products that are safe and gentle to use daily on your intimates, and on the rest of your body without stripping away the skin's natural moisture. Own your Fresh by selecting from a variety of fragrances to go here, there and everywhere. TALC-FREE: Features a sulfate-free and talc-free formula that's kind to your skin HYPOALLERGENIC: Does not contain allergens that are known to irritate the skin GYNECOLOGIST TESTED: Tested by professionals who understand feminine hygiene well PROVEN SAFE & GENTLE: Safe for everyday use and designed for all-day freshness FOR INTIMATE, UNDERARM & BODY USE: Simply shake the can, remove the cap, hold can 8 inches away and spray external area